Bad Words
Posted by Crackhead on August 18, 192001 at 20:21:27

There was a little girl she didn't know any bad words.
the mom was cutting the turkey and she cut herself, she said "fuck". the little girl says "mommy, what's 'fuck'?" it's another word for cutting the turkey.

so the dad was shaving in the corner and he dropped his razor and said "shit". The little girl said "daddy what's 'shit'?" And the dad replied "it's another word for shaving"

so the mom and dad were fighting. the mom says "you bastard" the little girl says "mommy what's a 'bastard'" it's another word for a man. the dad replied "you bitch" and the little girl asked "daddy what's a 'bitch'?" it's another word for 'woman'.

so some guests arrived and the little girl says "hey you bitches and bastards mom's in the kitchen fucking the turkey and dad's in the corner shitting"

moral: tell the truth

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