A funny one
Posted by shanika on 8/07/2001:

A man was so attached to his duck that he'd take it everywhere he went. One day the man went to watch a movie to the cinema.
Before he could go in, the cashier girl told him to leave the duck behind as to no one was allowed to take animals inside the theatre.

The man really wanted to take his duck with him. So he stuffed his duck inside of his pants and went in. The man found a seat to sit down and he began to watch the movie. After a while, the duck inside of his pants began to get restless.So the man opened up his fly and let the duck's head out of the pants.

Beside the man, there was a couple who's wife sat next to the man. Suddenly the wife whispered to her husband.
"Ralph, this man!" she said
"what is it??" said her husband irritated by the disturbance while trying to watch the movie.
"Ralph his penis!" grudged the wife.
"what!" said the husband annoyed at his wife
"Ralph his penis!!" said the wife again
"Does it bother you????" asked the husband, this time very annoyed at his wife.
"No, but-his.." The wife continued.
"Shut up woman and watch the movie!!" shouted the husband.
"I can't!-" she said
"It's eating my popcorn!!!"

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