A smart thought
Posted by shanika on 8/07/2001:

The dockyard men's room was always filthy because the workers never peed accurately to the drain. Every day the man who was in charge of sanitation at the dockyard would have to call in the cleaners to wipe off the mess inside the men's room.

After few months of bringing the toilet cleaners in, the budget was exceeding, bills piling up and the sanitation guy had to think of an alternative way to solve this daily problem in the men's room. So what he did was he called in a famous economist and explained to him the problem in the men's room.

The economist went away with this and after a couple of weeks came up with a possible solution to end this problem. He told the sanitation guy to paste little flies randomly into the drain and guaranteed this would work. The sanitation guy was surprised at his solution and he started to argue with the economist.

The next day, the sanitation guy came into the men's room only to find a clean healthy environment inside and that no one had peed outside the drain because everyone had been aiming at the flies in the drain!

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