Three English robbers...
Posted by Rajith on July 29, 192001 at 09:48:26

Three English robbers went to France in a boat, hoping to rob a factory, and then make it back to England. They were robbing the factory, when the guard came in. They knocked the guard out with a slab of concrete, but they didn't realise that before the guard came to investigate, he had called the police. The robbers went out of the factory to find themselves surrounded by police.

The guard was rushed to hospital but on the way he died. The three robbers were now convicted of murder, and the punishment for that is the guillotine. The first man was asked whether he wants a blindfold, or not, and if he wanted to face up or down. He asked for the blindfold, and to face down. The blade was dropped and millimetres from his neck, it stopped.

It was customary that if you don't die on the first go, you are let free, so the first man was let free. The second man asked for a blindfold, and to face up. Again with him, the blade stopped millimetres from his neck, so he too was a free man. The third man told that he didn't want a blindfold, and that he wanted to face his death.

Just before the blade was dropped, he says "Wait a second. I see what the problem is"

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