The Wall
Posted by Ranil on 5/04/2001:

Well it all began...hmmm nooo not that way..well there were these patients of the mental hospital or which is called the pissankotuwa, they were planning to escape but there was a small problem which prevented or made it harder for them to complete the task which was the DAMN WALLLL around the premises it was damn huge... so these guys planned to build a ladder to climb over the WALLL it took about one and a half months to complete and finally they got it done and they were planning to climb over the wall in the evening but there waz a huge storm with floods and shit and caused the wall to colapse totaly flattened. For my surprise these guys were totally worried you no why coz the wall was no longer and they just thought to them selves THAT THEY WOULD CLIMB OVER IT SOMEOTHER TIME COZ THE WALL WAS NO LONGER THERE!!!!!

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