Names! (Sri Lankan)
Posted by Batcha on 2/10/2001:

Some people likes there names, Some people doesn't. Some people got troubble with others names. This happens to one of my good friend, six years ago.

He was a doctor just passed out from medical college, got his first appontment in Mahaweli region(close to Mahiyanganaya).
As you know in this remote hosiptal, there were very few staff. He got only two nurses and one attendent. (This attend was very stubbon and try to dominate over those poor patiants.)
He used to shout the names of the patiants before getting in to the doctors office two rooms away. One day there was a big argument between two patiants with this Attendent.

So my friend went out side checked it out and found these two patiants were brothers and complained that this attendent insulted him and his brother. They said" first he insulted me and then he insulted my brother". So he settled the matter and asked this attendent what had happen. He said "doctor, I called their names , thats it!". He cheked his records and found the names of the patiants,

Name one "S. Lokubanda" and attendent said " aslokubanda" means big eyes Banada. Name Two" Y. Ranbanda" and he said" Yranbanda" means Banda with stripes. He told me, "I dont know who to blame!!"

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