Hair Cut (Sri Lankan)
Posted by fresha on January 17, 192001 at 09:07:19:

I used to know this barbar for a long time.I alwasy cut my hair very short, because those days I used to play ruggby football. One I met this guy from jaffna whoes studing with me at Colombo university. Poor chap hardly speaks Sinhalese. So he came to me and said, Machang I need a hair cut so please take me to the barbar shop. I said O.K Lets go and I took him to this barbar shop and introduced Him to the barber. At that time there were few customers and I told My Friend I will back Later.

Once I came Back He was there with No1 Hair cut.I asked what happen. He said" that stupid Guy thought I need a short haircut like yours. So I asked Why dont You asked him to Stop. He said Yes I told him but he didn't stop until he finished with my hair.
I was so upset.

I went to the barbar and asked him why he get such a hair cut.
Barbar told me, I thoght he also need No1 hair cut like yours and
he din't stop me. Then I asked my friend what happen. He Said "I shouted to him BAHINAWA ten times but he did not stop. so I said to him politly; My friend In sinhalese Bahinawa Does not means Stop.

Well he said "No way when I was traveling from private bus to university, If I Shout BAHINAWA bus STOPS!

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