Vacancies in Parliament of Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan)
Posted by Nihal on January 09, 192001 at 09:10:26:

The government of Sri Lanka is now hiring MP s for the next parliament.

Salary: Rs 22100/- per month

Other allowances: ( legal)
1 Entertainment Rs 1000/- per month
2 Fuel allowance Rs 7500/- per month
3 Cell phone allowance Rs 2000/- month
4 Attending parliament Rs 4000/- per month
5 Driver's allowance Rs 3500/- per month (can use
more than one driver)

Other benefits:
1 Telephone with international connection
2 Photo copier at duty free rate ( Rs 685/-) monthly.
3 Computer at duty free rate ( Rs 1150/-)monthly.
4 Typewriter at duty free rate ( Rs 425/-) monthly.
5 Permit to import a luxury car valued at 30000 Us $
6 After 5 years another permit to import a luxury car
7 MPs those who selected are living 25 miles from
Colombo are entitled 2 story house with 3 bed rooms and other facilities ( Rs 1000 will be charged per month as rent)

Other previlages:
food at low cost from parliament cafeteria.
breakfast --Rs 6.00 ( 600/- elsewhere)
lunch --Rs 15.00 (1500/- elsewhere)
bed tea (plain) cts 45
milk tea cts 60
evening tea with two pastries free

5 tyres and tubes per vehicle per year
A free life insurance of Rs 1.0 million
A pension after 5 years.Memebers who could not complete 5 years will receive 400,000/- to 500,000/- when leave.

postage allowance of Rs 7500/- per month
free medical treatment
At least 5 overseas trips .(all costs borne by the government)
free stationery. etc....etc...

Your qualifications:

Education : Not necessary
Age : between 18 and 85

Preference given to applicants those who have wide mouth and long tongue.
N.B. ( I hate my parents. I dont know why they gave me higher education)

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