Princess and Frog (PG13)
Posted by Iron Man on March 24, 192000 at 00:22:48:

A princess is walking along a pond in the royal gardens when she looks down and sees a really ugly frog.

Picking the frog up, she comments on the creature's rather hideous appearance.

Princess: "My, my, my... you are really an ugly frog!"

Frog: "I know, I know, I got a really bad spell on me."

Princess: "Well I've seen frogs with spells, but none as ugly as you."

Frog: "Look, leave me alone lady! I told you, it's a really bad spell."

Princess: "Well even so,... if I kiss you, then will you turn into a prince?"

Frog: "I don't know lady, a spell this bad will probably take a blow job!"

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