Boy/Girl playing hide and seek behind the bush
Posted by lanka on June 05, 1999 at 13:50:04:

There was a little boy and a little girl that would go every day behind
a bush after school, strip thier clothes and debate which one was better.

One day the little girl went home and asked her mom what the difference
between a boy and a girl was. The mother having a very sick mind
told her daughter that she had a garage and boy's have a fire truck.
she then said that you don't want boy's to put their fire truck
into your garage.

Well that very same day the boy aked his father
the same question. The father having a sick mind told his son that
he had a fire truck and girls have a garage. he told his son that
he should try to put his fire truck into thier garage as many times
as he could.

The next day after school they debated again. The girl went home and she went
inside. When her maother saw her she had blood all over her hands. Her mother
screamed and asked her what had happened and the little girl said that the boy
tried to put his fire truck into her garage so she pulled off his back wheels.

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