Posted by BABE on June 05, 1999 at 13:07:53:

The woman of the house was always horny, but didn't get enough from her husband, as he was one of those men who leave way too early in the morning and come back way too late. So deciding to satisfie her needs she calls her husband's brother, Bala, for a good time every evening.
One day Bala asks the woman to shave " down there" and she too does as she is asked to. the next day while they were at it.. the woman hear's her husband at the door so she hides Bala under the bed and goes on to open the door .... wearing nothing.... all naked! At the sight of his wife the husband is turned onn... and proceeds to " do it" then suddenly he stops and asks her, pointing to her shaved area.." mokada mee pathea bala?" And hears a rsponse from under the bed saying " neh.. mama nikkang me pathea aave"

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