Posted by B. Vallah on April 17, 1999 at 03:17:07:

A guy falls asleep on the train and misses his stop. He gets
off at the end of the line and asks a cabbie how much a ride
to his crib would be.

"20 bucks, pal"

"Listen, I've got five on me and the rest at home."

"Take a hike, Pal."

The guy walks 15 miles home at 3:00 a.m. plotting revenge the
whole way. The next night, he gets off at the same stop as the
night previous, and sees the same cabby third in a queue. He
asks the first driver in line how much the fare is..

"20 bucks."

"How about five and a blowjob?" he asked

"Take a friggin' hike you &$*# pansy"

He then asked the second driver in line how much the ride would
be "20 bucks"

He made the same proposition and received pretty much the same
response. He then hopped in the cab with the driver from the
before, handed him 25 bucks and drove away winking at the first
drivers and gave them the old thumbs up!

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