Amish Couple
Posted by Bal Vallah on April 17, 1999 at 02:41:45:

A dating Amish couple Elizabeth and Eli, are riding down the road in their buggy. It's
mid January and very cold. Elizabeth says to Eli,
"My feet are frozen solid."

Eli says,
"Well, put them in my lap. I'll rub them and warm them up."

Elizabeth does so and after a while she asks,
"Eli, what's that hard thing in your pants?"

Eli answers,
"That's my penis, it's frozen solid.. Maybe you can rub it and warm it up."

The next morning Elizabeth comes down for breakfast and asks her mother,
"Ma, what do you know about penises?"

Her mother retorts,
"I don't know, what do YOU know about penises?"

Elizabeth replies,
"I know one thing, they sure are messy when they melt!"

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