Assortment of Jokes
Posted by S.E.S. Jokes..., Anonymous, Kalana, Tikiri on April 17, 1999 at 01:57:11:

1) Condoms - sent by: S.E.S. Jokes... E-mail:

Why did the condom hit the ground?

Because it got pissed off...hehehe

2) Apple a day - sent by Anonymous

An apple a day
Keeps the doctor away
But if the doctor is sexy
Keep the apple away.

3) Pig and Pork - sent by Kalana - Email:

One of my friend got married recently and complianed that he's having lots of trouble kile his wife
is shoting, asking for many things etc.. So I told him "within one year you'll be o'k". So he was vey
happ and asked me how is that? I said "YOU WILL GET USED TO IT"

The same freind was referring to one of his friend's wife as "PORK". I asked him why didn't call her
"PIG" insted "PORK". He explained "PIG HAS A BRAIN PORK DO NO"

4) Sri lankan Cricket - sent by Tikiri - Email: .au

What is the new name for the way S. L. PLays Cicket?
Answer. Chuck Gudu Cricket or Madalali Cricket.

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