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Posted by sasikala, senthil, wanker, ME, THEJAKA, Dydelf, dileepa on March 31, 1999 at 07:12:11:

Joke : sent by sasikala - E-mail:

Sheela: Hi,mala what are you doing?
Mala : I'm giving some milk to snak?
Sheela: why?
Mala : This snake killed my mother in-law yesterday,
thats why I'm saying thanks to this snake!
Sheela: ????

clinton blues - sent by senthil - E-mail:

A reporter interviews clinton after the trial
reporter: was Monica lying?
clinton: no she was on her knees!!!!

watching pornos - sent by wanker - E-mail:

This guy goes to the doctor and says, "Doc, you have to help me! My
penis is turning orange!" The doctor sats, "Well, what do you do for a
living?" The man replies, "I'm unemployed. I just sit at home all day
eating Cheetos and watching pornos."
masturbating - sent by wanker - E-mail:

A kid is masturbating behind his garage. His Dad happens to walk nearby
and hears him. His Dad says, "Stop that, boy! It'll make you go blind!"
The boy shouts back, "Dad, I'm over here!"

A week later, the dad once again walks in on the boy as he is
masturbating. "I thought we had an agreement," dad sputters angrily.
"Well, says the kid, "I figured I'd just quit when I need glasses."

Why is pee.... - sent by ME - Email:

Why is pee yellow and sperm white?

So boys know when it's coming or going.

legal jargon - sent by THEJAKA - E-mail: THEJ@ROCKETMAIL.COM

what is the difference between - against the law and illegal?

Against the law is something done by a person which goes against the norms and the standards set forth by the society. Ill eagal on the other hand is a sick bird

The Pubic Hair - sent by Dydelf - E-mail:

Comes chap to the dentist with the hair between teeth.
- Tilled you the oral sex? - asks the doctor.
- Yes!? Recognized you for the pubic hair between teeth?
- Not, after shit on your beard...

cap & walkingstick - sent by dileepa - E-mail:

Once a docter had a sex connection with a nurse.
doc usually used condoms, when he was having sex.
oneday when he was having sex with the nurse ,condom
has removed and gone inside of vegina.he tried to take
it out ,for that he used a small the way he
missed the stick also inside of vegina.after 9 months
and 10 days borned a baby with the walking stick
and a cap on the hed.


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