Posted by wanker on March 31, 1999 at 06:36:46:

Dad decided it was time to help Joey learn to piss into the toilet instead of his little potty. He called Joey in and told him to stand by the john and watch as he demonstrated. "It's easier to remember if you do it by the numbers," Dad explained as he pulled his wanker out. "One: Pull the skin back like this," Dad explained and pulled his sking back showing Joey his red rosebud head. "Two: Piss into the toilet," Dad explained and let loose a hot stream of yellow piss. "Three: Shake it off," Dad explained and gave his wanker a couple of shakes. "Four: Pull the skin forward and you're through," Dad said as he pulled the skin over his smaller head. "Now, Joey, I'm going to step outside and you see what you remember," Dad said as he closed the door behind himself. Joey thought about it a minute and said: "One - four - one - four - one - four - one - four - - - - -

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