Six Jokes together
Posted by gayathri, ira, Sinthuja, Livi, Wu-tang, Anwar on March 18, 1999 at 06:29:03:

1) Love - sent by: gayathiri - E-mail:

rose are red
violets are blue
so are u

2) Pig Nose - sent by: ira - E-mail:

If a PIG looses it's voice, would you say it's disgruntled?

3) The Two Gays - sent by: Sinthuja - E-mail:

There were they two gay guys who were getting at it behind a bush. One of them needed to go pee, so he left and told the other guy to not fuck anyone while he was gone. When he returned, he saw all this cum on the ground. So he goes, "I thought i told you not to fuck anyone while i was gone" and the other gay said, "I didn't, i farted"

4) The Toy Box - sent by: Livi - E-mail:

Why did Raggedy-Ann get kicked out of the toy box??

Because she kept sitting on Pinocchio's face and
telling him to 'tell a lie, tell a truth...tell a lie
tell a truth..."

5) Electric - sent by: Wu-tang - E-mail:

There was this couple and the wife loved eletric appliances. Her Husband got her everthing that was electric. She had an electric can opener, electric grinder, electric blender and so on. One day she asked her husband for something electric and he said "how about an Electric chair, bitch"

6) Lobster for tea - sent by: Anwar - E-mail:

A man was walking home with a lobster under his arm.
His friend saw him and said "Hi there Fred, are you taking it home for tea?"
"No, we've had our tea. Now I am taking him to the pictures!"

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