African roulette
Posted by Sasha Vlad on March 01, 1999 at 05:07:39:

One day the prime minister of Zaire was invited to a
conference by the Russian prime minister.
After a long discussion about economics the Zairen
prime minister asked the Russian to take him out to a
pub to watch a game of Russian roulette.
He heard of it before but didn't know how it was
played. They walked in and to the Zairen's amazement
someone just blew their head off.
He was shoked and said to the Russian that that is not
the way to play the original roulette.
A couple of months went by and the Russian prime
minister had to visit Zaire for economical issues.
the Zairen met the Russian onces again and after long
talks the Zairen took the Russian to a game of Zairen
roulette in a rondawel(mud hut).
They walked in and the Russian was amazed when he saw
no guns and alot of black women in traditional dresses
sitting in the hut.
The Russian finally asked the Zairen how the game is
The Zairen explained that you have to spinn a bottle
and when it stops it will point to a lady.
That lady has to get up and give you a blow job.
"What is the point of this?" asked the Russian.
"Well" said the Zairen with a huge smile on his face
"One of these ladies is a canibal!"

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