Big Religion
Posted by fgc on January 25, 1999 at 02:45:20:

A guy with a huge dick has a lot of trouble trying to get a girl.
they see the size of his pecker they make their excuses and leave.

So he thinks of a 'cunning plan' and meets a hooker and asks her
"Do you mind if we do it 'my way' ?" "What way is that?" she asks.

"Oh I would just like you to wear a blindfold," he replies.
"Is that all! No problem let's go to my place," she answers.
They walk the short distance to her apartment.
Whilst taking off their clothes he puts the blindfold on her
"Why do you want me to wear a blindfold?" she asks.

"Because of my religion" he answers.

"What religion is that?" she asks.

"I'm an agnostic", he says, getting on top of her.

"Hmmm an agnostic I've heard of those you're one of those people
who doesn't believe in J E S U S C H R I S T

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