A Call To Bill Gates
Posted by TPerera on January 11, 1999 at 01:51:56:

A Call To Bill Gates
Good Morning Microsoft:
This is ~Grandma~ May I Speak To Mr. Gates?
One Moment Please, I'll Put You Through......
Hello this is Bill
Please leave your message if you will
I'll call back as soon as I can
I'm probably in some foreign land
Travel a lot-have money you know
So when I'll call back I just don't know
Just leave a number after the beep
I'll callback collect cause I'm kinda cheap
Hi this is ~Grandma~
Don't mean to be a pest or intruder
Must speak to you about my computer
Love them windows-really do hon
I started out with 3.11
Had so much fun oh manalive
Moved right up to Win95
Saved my pennies-just couldn't wait
To be one of the first with Win98
Here's my opinion-It's just a thought
You should give out Windex with that program I bought
So many bugs on my windows it seems sorta mean
That it comes with out something to keep it quite clean
~Grandmas~ upset and I guess that it shows
She's telling them all-so everyone knows
The housekeeper at ~Grandmas Home~
Don't Do Windows

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