Yo mama and other jokes
Posted by Moderators on March 23, 1998 at 06:33:13:

your bloody mama! (posted by rookie@hotmale.cum)
your mamas so fat she's an orbit
your mama's so blind she uses the hubble telescope as glasses
your mama's so stoopid she wears sunglasses at night.
your mama's so thin you can see her thoughts
your mama's so fat they couldn't get her to move so they built the highway around her
your mama's so fat once she jumps, your mama is stationary but earth moves
your mama's so fat, when she sneezes americans prepare for an atomic war
your mama's so fat I get lost while having sex
your mama's so fat, she uses mount everest as a dildo
your mama's so dumb, she was responsible for the titanic

yo mama (posted by cox-man@usa.net)
yo mama´s so fat that even though shes a cop people yell five o
and refere to the richterscale

yo mama (posted by mortal9@hotmail.com
yo mama so fat she got more chins than a china-town directory

yo mama (posted by swim@dodgenet.com)
Yo mama is fat is so fat that when she goes swimming in the ocean a blue whale started to sing "We are family"

yo mama (posted by )
your mama so dry, the crabs carry canteens

KISS (posted by )
A peach is a peach
A plum is a plum
A kiss isn't a kiss without some tongue
So open you mouth, close your eyes
And give your tongue some exercise!

crap crap and more crap (posted by rookie@hotmale.cum)
Once upon a time there were three craps. Papa crap, mama crap and little baby crap.
Papa crap told mama crap," baby crap was crap!"

all of baby craps friends told him, " Your mama crap is
so stupid she's a crap" Well papa crap got very angry
at hearning this, so he went straight to baby craps crappy
friends and said , "it is not mama crap that is crap but I
am the biggest crapper around in this crappy town".

well you understand this crap, send a crappy email to

good craps to you all

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