* When ya just gotta have it *
Posted by Brian Kumarasamy on March 18, 1998 at 14:56:45:

An old miner has been up in the hills for over 20 years. Finally, after
decades of
back breaking work, the old guy hits pay dirt. After a few days of serious
prospecting, he loads up all of his gold onto his mule and heads down the
into town.

First, he goes to the assay office and cashes out the gold for dollars. Next
stop is the
saloon across the street, where he bellies up to the bar. "Bartender, give me a
whiskey", he says. Barkeep pours him the drink. As he stands at the bar sipping
drink, he looks around and notices that there isn't any women in the whole
Now, come to think of it, he ain't seen a women since he hit town.

"Hey, barkeep, where's all the women folk?", he asks. "They all went back east
after the gold ran out", says the barkeep. "What do y'all do for sex around
says the miner. Barkeep replies, "Oh, for that, we got Old Joe out in the back
"Old Joe?" says the miner. "Hell, I don't go for that shit", and out the door he

Part way down the street, he realizes he's damn horny and ain't fucked a hot
hole in
over twenty years. So he heads back to the saloon, and asks the bartender, "Hey,
I did it with Old Joe, who else would have to know about it?"

The bartender says, "Well, there would be me, you, and Old Joe, of course, and
other two guys.

"What other two guys?", asks the now concerned miner.

The bartender replies " The other two guys that'll be holding down Old Joe,
he don't go for that shit, either."

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