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a suitable educated son is sought for daughter from UK
My daughter 23 is 5'8'' tall , very fair and beautiful. she is really virtuous and well mannered with reputed family background. living in the UK and an MSc holder and currently doing a MBA while being employed as an Asst Teacher. we, the parents thought that its time to seek a partner for her leaving enough time to identify each other before marriage. We are govi buddhists living in SriLanka. details of the proposed son and the family with a photograph are preferred with first letter.
Contact: Bandara , Sri Lanka
Email: hmuvsshm(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/25/2020
Seeking a partner: a friend and a companion
Highly educated 45 year old , senior manager (Director level) of a large company in Australia , never married, independent & stable person with a good sense of humour. love to travel . Enjoy simple things in life, intelligent conversation and a glass of wine with good company. Enjoy movies, music , stand up comedy & theater . Into fitness & Latino dancing. lived in North america & Australia for nearly 15 years, citizen of AUS & CA A happy person who's grateful for all life has offered
Contact: Jade , Australia
Email: jaded911(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/25/2020
Looking for a genuine long term relationship
Hi Guys! I am 52 and a very cheerful and a very independent person, very hardworking and blessed with a great personality. I am looking for a genuine decent Man, with a sense of humor and a great mind of understanding, with whom I can have a decent conversation. He should be very respectful and be matured (age above 50's) I hope to find the gentleman with the same vibes as mine. Cheers !
Contact: Samara , Sri Lanka
Email: samaragunasekera(---)yahoo.com
Date: 10/25/2020
B/G parents are looking for a good son their daughter
Parents are looking for a well-educated, handsome, tall son between an age 37_42 age for their daughter who is working and living in Canada. She is holding dual citizenship too.she is well educated very pretty, cute, slim and fair. Divorced from a deceptive marriage within a short period. we prefer a person who is already living in Canada, must be from a good family too. A gentleman who really knows the value of a family (Divorced also ok without kids)pls,an email with a photo and family details
Contact: Shanika , Canada
Email: craont21(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/25/2020
Seeking an understanding partner
I am a 37 years old divorcee who is seeking a kind and an understanding partner to get married. I am very fair and look younger to my age. Please contact me through email with details and a recent photograph.
Contact: Shani , Sri lanka
Email: proposal.infolanka(---)yahoo.com
Date: 10/25/2020
marriage proposal
Kandy bubuddhist lady 40 divorced with seeking a professional qualified groom with good family back ground i worked as a secretary to advice to minister in colombo please reply only genuine peopls contact me 0761628729
Contact: nilanka , sri lanka
Email: nilan19699(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0761628729 Date: 10/25/2020
Looking for a Groom
Youngest in the family, from colombo, Never Married. born in 1979 April, 5" in height, and studied at a leading girls school. A person with a generous heart, a family oriented person, caring, a good listener, loving, open and honest and above all loyal to those I love. :) love to spend time in natural surroundings. Manager in a prestigious private company in Sri Lanka, MBA holder, Mother housewife. Father retired government servant, looking for a partner whom i can depend on.
Contact: Thushari , Sri Lanka
Email: chamthu69(---)gmaill.com
Date: 10/25/2020
Looking for a Groom for cousin sister
Looking for a suitable groom for marriage for cousin sister of mixed parentage, mother Sinhala govi Buddhist, father tamil wellala from Colombo. Born 7/75. about 5'1" Very fair accomplished, very lively,pleasant. Studied in Sinhala medium & Buddhism. Completed A/L and several Diplomas. Employed as a PR executive. Very fluent in Sinhala and English. Divorcee without encumbrances, no children. Those born under Thula, Mesha,Mithuna,Dhanu, Kumbha are more compatible. Others too will be considered.
Contact: Moragoda , Sri Lanka
Email: newton_mora(---)hotmail.com
Date: 10/25/2020
Seeking a life partner to marry
We are looking a genuine ,kind ,educated professional decent groom for our sister.We are B/G respectable family from western province. She is in mid fourty.Really very pretty, smart and young looking girl than her age. Unmarried. Well employed in a government department and have a car ,land and other properties. Seriously seeking a genuine,kind ,educated well mannered partner (below 48) to marry.Please reply with full details. Seriously genuine replies appreciated
Contact: Amelia , Sri Lanka
Email: propmarriage2020(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/25/2020
Looking for a compatible and suitable partner
I am 56 years old, medium in height, slim and fair/medium in complexion. I am well settled in Australia. I am divorced and looking for a compatible down to earth partner who values simple things in life, around my age preferably from Australia. If interested, please email your details preferably with a recent photo.
Contact: Mayuri , Australia
Email: mayuri.sena(---)yahoo.com
Date: 10/25/2020
Looking for an educated son for our daughter
B/G/S parents seek an educated son for their daughter raised with Buddhist values, born in Canada but not admire materialistic life style. She is 27, holds a BSC and pursuing a second degree in health field. She is pretty, slim and fair. Seeking an educated, serious, mature, kind, and caring son over 27 and have attitude of treating wife with dignity she deserves and loving and caring. Preference for a resident in Canada or US. Please reply with your photo and family details if interested.
Contact: Gamage , Canada
Email: gj1657(---)outlook.com
Date: 10/25/2020
Marriage Proposal
I’m 33 years old, 5'6" in height, kind, charm, divorced and have no kids. We are Seeking a honest, educated, simple and pleasant, well behaved and responsible groom who is very much interested in a marriage. If you are the correct person you may Please respond to the email given with full details along with a recent photograph. If not responsible please don’t waste our time please.
Contact: Kumdev , Sri Lanka
Email: kumdevanim174(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/22/2020
Seeking A Kind And Loving Husband
We are seeking a suitable partner for our daughter. We are a B/G family living in the US. She is 42, never married, educated with an MS, employed as a teacher near LA, 5’3”, with a friendly, kind hearted, genuine, and caring personality. She was raised with Sinhalese Buddhist values. We are seeking an educated, serious, mature, kind, and caring person. We prefer if you are a resident in the US, as we are. Please reply with your photo as well as family details if interested.
Contact: Madhu , USA
Email: mkproposal(---)yahoo.com
Date: 10/22/2020
Up country kandy relatives looking for a kind professional Sri lankan Buddhist, honest, genuine, gentleman age around 60 or over for their sister settle down in UK. If he is happy to settle down in UK or Sri lanka is considered. She is very attractive, down to earth, very kind , caring, religious person.Professionally qualified with substantial assets. No encumbrances. Religion cast immaterial. Please send family details, education,place where you live with contact details. Honesty appreciated
Contact: Weerasinghe, UK
Email: palipana10(---)outlook.com
Date: 10/22/2020
Looking for a suitable partner for the daughter
B/G/S parents seek an educated partner for their daughter, 27. Born in Canada and raised with Buddhist values, not in to materialistic life style. holds a BSC and currently pursuing a second degree in health field. She is pretty and fair complexion. Seek an educated, serious, mature, kind, and caring person who is over 27 to 33. Appreciate you treat your wife with dignity she deserves and share things together. Resident of Canada or US preferred. If interested reply with photo and family info.
Contact: Gamage , Canada
Email: gamage5716(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/22/2020
Looking for a kind & loving partner for Marriage
B/G , Buddhist, Nittambuwa, a lady seeks a partner for a relationship leads to a marriage . I'm divorced with an unsuccessful marriage , no kids, 36Y , 5' height , fair n slim , kindhearted ,nature lover , Music lover ,love to travel .I'm looking for a genuine , employed partner with Human values . He should be kind hearted,lovong and caring , lives in SL or abroad , below 46.cast,race is not much important. If you are genuinely interested only please reply with a photograph through email.
Contact: Kumudu, Sri Lanka
Email: kumuduanuradhi(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/18/2020
Suitable Groom sought for New Zealand citizen daughter
We are a GB dual citizen family living in New Zealand. She is 29 yrs, 5.0 ft, fair, educated, business owner only child daughter. we are looking for a suitable GB son from SL/AUS/NZ for early marriage. Genuine replies only. visa seekers, separated/divorcees do not apply please. Those who have ways and means to settle down in New Zealand may write to us for further discussion. HC and a recent photo is a must.
Contact: Lucky, New Zealand
Email: luckyabey91(---)yahoo.com
Phone: 00642108748988 Date: 10/17/2020
Suitable Son
Buddhist Christian parents seek an educated son aged between 25 and 30 residing in UK for their younger daughter aged 24 born and educated in UK, graduate working in London pleasant looking and very kind. If find a suitable son would love to introduce for a friendship leads to marriage if they like each other.
Contact: Manik , UK
Email: manik_51(---)hotmail.com
Date: 10/14/2020
Looking for compatible groom
B/G respectable retired parents invite educated professional below 49 years from overseas or Sri Lanka for only daughter who is highly educated and well employed abroad. She is in mid forties. But looks mid thirties. Very pretty. Never married. Willing to relocate . She is having P.R status. Drawing higher salary . Owns assets. Divorcees also could be considered but with out any encumbrance. Pl contact us with true, genuine details and contact numbers. Parents
Contact: Chandra , Sri Lanka
Email: shyamini2014(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/11/2020
An academically and professionally qualified son is seeked for a Sinhalese catholic daughter by parents living in UAE. 26 years, 5.5'ft fare in complexion having a bachelors in Business/Marketing Management. she is Working and living in UAE. She is an easy going fun loving person who enjoys travelling, reading, movies, TV, and fashion designing. Please write with details and a recent photo. No dowry seekers please.
Contact: Umesh , UAE
Email: uuvvpp777(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/11/2020
Searching a Dream Partner
A matured lady age 53 years looks much younger. Divorced looking for an educated, intelligent and truthful person age between 47-55 years range for a serious relationship leading for a quick marriage. I am divorced for last 10 years and free from all encumbrances. I am working and established. Hails from a decent family. Brothers’ professionals. A great pet lover. Very much interested a genuine person who is a understanding loving & caring towards his partner. If interested please drop an email.
Contact: Wathsala , Sri Lanka
Email: proposalmarriage44(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/08/2020
Bride seeking a Professional Groom for Marriage
Dear Parents /Bride Groom , I am 32 years, 87 Born,5 Feet 3 Inches, Educated in a leading Buddhist school in Colombo, having both Charted Professional Qualifications and Post Graduate Diploma From Human Resources Management. I am looking for a professional Partner (Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot) for marriage. Do reply with full family details and contact number.
Contact: Karunaratne , Sri Lanka
Email: groommarriage55(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0112887843 Date: 10/08/2020
Groom for niece
Academically and professionally qualified caring son is sought by Aunty for niece aged 30. Lawyer by profession & employed overseas. Height 5’1”tall,​ pretty & slim. Divorced with no encumbrances. Residents or citizens of New Zealand preferred. Please reply with family details.
Contact: Gamage , Sri Lanka
Email: nirogamage(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/07/2020
Attractive and sassy lady looking for partner
I am in my very early sixties, highly educated fit,healthy and attractive. I am a dual citizen of Australia and Sri Lanka living in Sri Lanka.I have been widowed for a year and feel it is time to move on.I am looking for a smart, financially independent, educated and moral man between 45-65 years to connect with.I am financially independent, work part time and have a business. No married men please. I am not interested in short term hook ups but a sincere relationship.
Contact: Marie , Sri Lanka
Email: esperanzamagique(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/06/2020
Parents seeking
Parents living in Melbourne seek a educated, kind hearted, careing , person to introduce to their older daughter 37. Very pretty, slim, fair/medium, 5'5" working in the Optical field. Has own house, and simple down to earth and great family values and morals. Due to an incompaible marraige which lasted only a few months, is divorced for a few years, the marriaige based only on paper. Very innocent party, no encumberances. Suitable person from Melbourne only. Please reply with details & recent pic.
Contact: Marie, Australia
Email: mratnay(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0400868343 Date: 10/06/2020
Genuine partner for marriage
Catholic, late fifties, state service female searching for a genuine partner ages between 59-65 to spend the rest of life peacefully. Should be a Catholic person. This is not for fun and time wasters. Only for the given age limit, no youngsters plz. Preferably widower/ divorced, single from Sri Lanka, Srilankans living in abroad also welcome,
Contact: Edward , Sri Lanka
Email: edwardsil1961(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/06/2020
Life Partner
G/B Divorced, well educated, employed, kind hearted simple lady(from a decent family) in her late fifties wishing to meet a kind caring educated Male (50-62) for marriage, she is single without responsibilities .Cast creed no barrier. Thanks.
Contact: Lakshani , Sri Lanka
Email: lakshanij888154(---)yahoo.com
Date: 10/04/2020
Looking for compatible groom
B/G parents invite academically qualified English fluent professional below 49 years for daughter who received higher degrees from foreign universities and now well employed with citizenship. She is very pretty. Never married. Born in late 1976. Looks very young. Owns assets. Divorcees also considered, but without any encumbrance. Willing to relocate. Proposals from overseas most welcome. Pl apply with true details.
Contact: dias , Sri Lanka
Email: anulak457(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/04/2020
seeking for a honest partner
I am Govi Buddhist 32 year old, 5’ 4” height, fair and slim girl live in Kaluthara district. I am BSc agriculture/ MSc graduate and working a government officer in a ministry. I have one sister and two brothers. I am the youngest in my family. If you are interest reply me with family details.
Contact: Tharanga , Sri Lanka
Email: prosalsalm163(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0705140208 Date: 10/04/2020
Looking for an Academically Qualified, well settled son for my daughter 26 years of age, 5.5' tall medium size and complexion who has a bachelors in Marketing and Business Management lives in UAE. She was born and brought up in UAE. Initially studied in UAE and graduated in Australia. Currently work as a Marketing Executive in UAE. She is willing to migrate. No dowry seekers please. But will have future benefits. Contact with Recent Photo.
Contact: Padidilian , UAE
Email: udapila30meshtrilage(---)gmail.com
Phone: 971 56 7179827 Date: 10/04/2020
Aunt looking for groom for niece
Aunt looking for a kindhearted dependable groom for unmarried niece Govi Buddhist 5'2" born July 1977, very fair, pleasant. studied B A (Journalism) but did not graduate. Prefers to be a housewife. From Gampaha district. If you are interested please reply with details
Contact: Uduwa , Sri Lanka
Email: uduwahawara77(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/01/2020
BG Parents living in Canada looking for a suitable groom for their 24 years, 5.3, pretty daughter. Please reply to rssmm@yahoo.com with family details. Photograph preferred.
Contact: Nimal , Canada
Email: rssmm(---)yahoo.com
Date: 10/01/2020
Family is looking for a partner in marriage
Family seeks a partner for Colombo B/G, 41, 5'5'daughter. Never married. She is kind, friendly & nature lover. Foreign qualified Teacher works in leading International School, Colombo. Cast, Religion, Race immaterial. Please email us with full details. No time wasters please.
Contact: Amali , Sri Lanka
Email: anji_co3(---)yahoo.com
Date: 9/28/2020
Looking for a Son for my Daughter in the UK
G/B Parents seek a son for our 29 year old daughter. She is a British Citizen living and working in London as a doctor. Parents looking for a doctor or engineer living in London/UK. Please contact me on my email
Contact: Lalitha , UK
Email: lalitham58(---)hotmail.com
Date: 9/28/2020
Franch srilankan bride
Hi..Everyone, l'am 55 yers old, sinhalese professianally and acdemically qualified, wellestablished franch citizen. lived many yers france.my self divorced. looking for someon who lives in france or europe expected a virtuous buddhist or catholic.age between 50 -60 honest and educated speaking for marriage. would prefer if a recent photo can be attached for easy communication will not be responding to interest with no photos.of you are genuinely looking for a partner only reply me. Thank you.
Contact: Dona , France
Email: ddfmal99(---)outlook.com
Date: 9/27/2020
Marriage Proposal
G/K/B parents living in Sri Lanka seek a suitable partner to daughter 37 ,5’4, divorced lives in Australia. Please provide full details in your first reply. Prefer a groom lives in Australia and no family roots with diabetes. Reply with horoscope to proposalmarriage2011@yahoo.com
Contact: Pathiranage , Sri Lanka
Email: proposalmarriage2011(---)yahoo.com
Date: 9/27/2020
Muslim Proposal for bride
Uncle seeking a bridegroom for his Niece, an expecting an Islamic Values and compatible family life with Religious Percepective, the brideroom should be love passionate Romantic and sincere with his Marriage life Bride 22 yrs Complexion Tan Height 5' 3" Studied upto A/L Professional in Dress Making Cookery Cake making etc she having Two sibling eldest sister married and brother an undergraduate conventional University Pls reply full details with photograph,
Contact: naleem , sri lanka
Email: naleemrawoof(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0774918314 Date: 9/25/2020
Looking for a life Partner
I'm a kind, educated, IT graduate getting ready for master studies and currently working as an instructor of IT in government sector. never married. With a respected family background of BG, seeking a person who has similar interests and a professional, specially in IT or Banking, preferably born between 1980-1984. Kandy , Kurunegala, Kegalle and Gampaha areas are special. Persons who live abroad are also welcome . genuine inquires only. honesty is appreciated.
Contact: Krishanthi, Sri Lanka
Email: kjayakody84(---)gmail.com
Date: 9/25/2020
I am looking for a kind, educated, decent male, someone who has been exposed the western culture, fluent in English & can have a good conversation/common sense, age 48-60, h 5'7' or higher, slim build (healthy). If you are interested please email me back with some details & a recent photo Serious inquiries only please. Only from USA/Canada/Australia. I am 58, 5'4", 139 lbs, divorced, single, Catholic, Tamil, have a good sense of humor, educated (BA), have a job, healthy female, USA citizen. Thx
Contact: Shirly , USA
Email: Shirlyignatius(---)gmail.com
Date: 9/25/2020
Muslim groom wanted
Moor family seek religous genuine professional groom having no kids working in Colombo willing to reside in brides residence for divorced daughter with no kids aged 44, honest, friendly, lives in Colombo. Wears hijab.
Contact: Fathima , Srilanka
Email: mypretty.girl(---)yahoo.com
Date: 9/24/2020
Looking for compatible groom
We are looking for well educated & well employed groom between the age of 44 to 49 years specially from overseas for our unmarried daughter who currently resides abroad with citizenship. She is academically & professionally well qualified, drawing high salary. Owns assets in Sri Lanka She looks very young & beautiful. & very good character. We are Govi ,Buddhists. Divorcees without encumbrance also would be considered. Pl apply with family details. photo & horoscope too Thanks Parents
Contact: Chandra , Sri Lanka
Email: gunawa1942(---)gmail.com
Date: 9/21/2020
Looking for a kind and loving husband
We are seeking a suitable partner for our daughter. We are a B/G family living in the US. She is 42, never married, educated with an MS, employed as a teacher near LA, 5’3”, with a friendly, kind hearted, genuine, and caring personality. She was raised with Sinhalese Buddhist values. We are seeking an educated, serious, mature, kind, and caring person. We prefer if you are a resident in the US, as we are. Please reply with your photo as well as family details if interested.
Contact: Madhu , USA
Email: mkproposal(---)yahoo.com
Date: 9/21/2020
Christian Born-again parents seeking marriage partner
Christian parents are seeking a Christian (non-Catholic) marriage partner residing in USA for our 24 year daughter born in USA, employed as a preschool teacher in the field of Early Childhood.
Contact: Srima, US
Email: srimafernando24(---)gmail.com
Phone: 7173447079 Date: 9/21/2020
seeking a partner
B/G 42 years fair,pretty ,divorced, living in Australia seeking a well educated ,professionally qualified permanently employed ,kind ,honest ,genuine groom for marriage. .please contact with contact number .
Contact: nilu , Australia
Email: adikarinilu(---)gmail.com
Date: 9/13/2020
Marriage Proposal
B/G/K respectable parents in Sri Lanka seek a professionally qualified healthily groom age between 37-45 to daughter 37 divorced 5”4. The groom should live in Australia. Please reply with horoscope and details
Contact: Pathiranage , Sri Lanka
Email: proposalmarriage2011(---)yahoo.com
Date: 9/13/2020
muslim proposals
A uncle Interest to find a compatible Islamic Value, a Muslim partner for his Niece 22 yrs Tan in Complexion, A/L qualified, Proffessional in Dress making, Cookery, & Cake making,and religious. from Gampaha District, having Two sibling - elder sister is married and brother is an undergraduate, please reply with full details and photograph with family background.
Contact: nalim , sri lanka
Email: nalimrauff(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0774918314 Date: 9/12/2020
Looking for a Muslim Groom
We are Sri Lankan Moor, Our daughter 19 yrs old. 5'2'',average built, Tan in complexion, well mannered and kind. She studied overseas, passed AL, currently in Sri lanka employed as a Teacher in a leading school in Colombo. We are looking for educated groom from Colombo or Suburbs from a respectable family background. You may contact whatsaap or IMO.
Contact: Ahamed , Sri Lanka
Email: ahamed365(---)gmail.com
Phone: 00966501836712 Date: 9/12/2020
Suitable Groom sought for New Zealand citizen daughter
We are a GB dual citizen family living in New Zealand. She is 29 yrs, 5.0 ft, fair, educated, business owner only child daughter. we are looking for a suitable GB son from SL/AUS/NZ for early marriage. Genuine replies only. visa seekers, separated/divorcees do not apply please. Those who have ways and means to settle down in New Zealand may write to us for further discussion. HC and a recent photo is a must.
Contact: Mallika , New Zealand
Email: mallikabey(---)yahoo.com
Phone: 0210326249 Date: 9/09/2020
Marriage proposal
A Buddhist family in Ratnapura seeks a professional groom for a daughter who is 39 yrs, 5.3 in height slim fair attractive with pleasing personality. Academically and professionally well qualified including Masters(UK). A teacher by profession and a divorcee with a son of 12 years with full custody. Expects genuine responses.
Contact: Nadee , Sri Lanka
Email: mithuru34(---)gmail.com
Date: 9/05/2020
Looking for a honest partner
I am looking for a honest educated partner. I am 46 lives in USA do have my own house and my home based business. Three older kids in college . Looking for a honest lovely person from USA. Please send true details with a picture so we can exchange more details further.
Contact: Jaya , Usa
Email: Samhetti23(---)yahoo.com
Date: 8/30/2020
Soulmate seeker !
In a nutshell, I'm seeking a soulmate after all these years of being single, have two independent adult kids - I'm keen on my seeking a partner with all the encouragement I've been getting at home! Looking for an English educated Muslim with/without kids, in the age group 55-60 with a penchant for a peaceful life, no encumbrances, and don't we all deserve that and to keep smiling... I'm a practising Muslim, interests, to name a few - music, travel, movies and reading.
Contact: Razzma , sri lanka
Email: s.observer2019(---)hotmail.com
Date: 8/30/2020
Marriage Proposal
Sister looking for suitable partner for younger sister in her mid thirties. She is well educated professionally qualified engineer working in a reputed company. She is very fair and slim. She is 5'4 in height. Both parents are retired government servants and only sister works as a government pharmacist. We are looking for a educated partner who is in 34-40 age range.
Contact: Indu , Sri Lanka
Email: induka901(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0713855482 Date: 8/30/2020
Young Professional GB Girl Seeking Partner
Professional girl (34) seeks partner, currently living and working in London, strong family background with good values. Interested in meeting a boy from a good family, with a stable career, ready for a serious relationship and eventual marriage.
Contact: Herath , UK
Email: nirmani.herath(---)hotmail.com
Date: 8/28/2020
Tamil lady seeking kindhearted life Partner to settle in
Cultured attractive lady midforties, like to meet a decent moral gentleman for committed relationship and settle in life SL/abroad optional. As I miss the nurturing love and companionship looking for someone who is in similar position liking to make a pleasant connection to share the future. He is expected to be a good communicator, humanitarian and passionate about life. Enthusiastic men with similar values and priorities, age 40-49 welcome to write details :
Contact: Srikantha , SriLanka
Email: partnerforlife082020(---)gmail.com
Date: 8/28/2020

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